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Verisk Analytics

Verisk is a leading data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, natural resources, and financial services. The Verisk Data Exchange™ is the first such exchange for automobile driving history. Consenting connected-car owners can contribute their driving data and seamlessly take advantage of usage-based insurance programs.

Find Anywhere Managed Integrations for 360Value Estimated Replacement Cost, 360Value Property Pre-fill, BCEG for Duck Creek Policy, Loss Costs, and Telematics, as well as many other tools, in our Content Exchange.

  • Verisk Data Exchange can be used to demonstrate responsible driving history and serve as the basis for car insurance premiums
  • Verisk’s IoT solutions help refine underwriting and rating, achieve proactive mitigation services, and accelerate first notice of loss in both personal and commercial lines
  • Single hub for connected-vehicle and smart-home data for both insurers and connected-data providers
  • Telematics products and tools to power usage-based insurance
  • Concierge claim services to expedite accurate claim reporting from any data source
  • Connected-property products that create value for stakeholders across the IoT ecosystem
  • Big data processing for accurate exposure rating and risk-specific premiums
  • Interfacing with hundreds of global auto insurers to provide accurate driving history information
  • Standardizing and analyzing data from multiple driving data formats to provide unified results