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Amali Solutions Group is the developer of SubroPro℠, an innovative technology platform extending the functionality of a claims system when subrogation is required. SubroPro℠ transforms the subrogation workflow into a highly efficient profit contributor by removing friction from processes, activating new data not existing in typical claims operations, and aggregating data for future uses of artificial intelligence and blockchain.  SubroPro is designed to help P&C insurers with a more intelligent, more efficient, and more profitable way forward by providing a platform for subrogation workflow, payment automation, business intelligence, and allowing the setting of settlement preferences based on various data points.

  • Easy and intuitive for management and adjusters
  • Automate 70% of payments, resulting in a 50% payment transaction cost savings
  • Net increase of $200 – $400 per recovery file
  • Access to data not previously available to carriers
  • Simplified and automated workflow
  • Integrated payment processing with your bank
  • Business intelligence engine with AI and Blockchain Enablement
  • Optimized subrogation platform unique to the industry
  • Leading the industry in digital subrogation transformation
  • Engaged with RiskBlock Alliance, B3i, and IBM on subrogation blockchain solutions
  • Reaching claims platforms representing 75% market share as detailed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant