Duck Creek University

Tuesday, April 14th

Get Hands-on with Distribution Management

Get a hands-on experience of the components of Duck Creek’s Distribution Management solution. We will provide a close-up view of the features and workflow of Compliance, Compensation, and Performance Management.

Preparing for a successful Duck Creek Conformance Review

The purpose of a Conformance Review is to help ensure a successful implementation. Join us for this session as we discuss important aspects of the Conformance Review process including performance, best practices, upgradeability, and maintainability. We will look at several examples to help further your understanding of how to improve in these areas, how we examine each implementation to identify potential issues, and how to use proven best practices going forward.

Reinsurance Management Deep Dive

Get an overview of Duck Creek Reinsurance Management and see a deep dive into the features of this amazing solution.

Creating User Interfaces with Page Builder

In this hands-on seminar, you’ll learn how the new ViewModel Definition and Page Builder toolset, integrated into Author, are used to create responsive, standards-based page layouts informed by the Duck Creek Design System.