Breakout Sessions

Wednesday, April 15th

10:30 am–11:05 am
Enhancing Digital Experiences for Agents
Learn about the latest enhancements to Duck Creek’s digital engagement solutions for agents, the benefits of the latest functionality, and the insights we identified to improve agent experiences.
Customer Spotlight – How Duck Creek Insights is Improving Data Access
Learn how Utica National has leveraged Duck Creek’s Insights solution to tap into BI and data analytics never seen before.
Hands-On With the Duck Creek Design System
Looking for a hands-on experience at the conference? Come to this session to take a test drive building a new theme with Duck Creek Design System. This session is a working session allowing attendees to build new themes. Workstations will be available for individuals or teams allowing users to work on a theme building exercise.
Manuscript Development Best Practices for Improving Performance
Utilizing product development best practices can improve the overall performance of your Policy and Rating solutions. Come hear product development experts discuss general best practices for product development and configuration.
Enhancing Duck Creek Claims through Configuration and Integration
Come to this session to learn new tips and tricks for Duck Creek Claims.


11:15 am–12:00 pm
Tools for Developing Modern, Responsive User Experiences
Our new Page Builder tool provides drag-and-drop configuration tools that allow anyone to make changes to user interfaces quickly and easily. This session will walk through how Page Builder works in Duck Creek Policy and Duck Creek Billing, as well as provide considerations and tips for migrating existing screens to Page Builder Screens.
Duck Creek Policy – Exploring the Benefits of Single Point of Change
Single Point of Change goes beyond user experience. Single Point of Change can also include rates, rules, forms, and even TransACT. This session will highlight what’s possible with Single Point of Change.
Understanding the Tools and Guidelines for Upgrading to New Versions
Smooth upgrades are critical to ensuring that carrier business priorities don’t get put on pause. Attend this session to learn about our upgrade analysis tools and guidelines.
Migrating to Enhanced Digital Portals for Agents
Learn about migration tools and best practices to help you migrate to the latest version of Duck Creek’s digital engagement solution for agents.

Best Practices for Market Localization in European Markets

Currently, doing business in Europe or looking to expand to Europe? This session will cover best practices for product development in Europe.


3:00 pm–3:50 pm
Customer Spotlight – Enhancing the Broker Experience to Win in the Market
AXIS saw an opportunity to fill an emerging market need and they were able to achieve success by integrating aspects of their policy system within their broker’s websites. Learn how AXIS leveraged APIs to provide fast quotes, easily service policies and optimize their broker’s user experiences.
Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction through Billing Configuration
Duck Creek Billing can be configured to improve overall operational efficiency by providing your knowledge workers with the tools they need.  This session will highlight new Duck Creek Billing Content Exchange packages carriers can download to enhance the Duck Creek Billing solution.
Architecting for Evolution with OnDemand SaaS
Building a leading SaaS solution involves more than just great software, leading SaaS solutions require efficient internal processes, solutions optimized to run in a SaaS environment, an expansive Ecosystem, and world-class cloud hosting provider. Come hear what Duck Creek OnDemand is doing to be the leading P&C SaaS provider.
Customer Spotlight – How Distribution Management Improves Efficiency and Agent Satisfaction
For many carriers, managing broker onboarding, license compliance, and compensation can be a complex, manual process. Learn how one carrier is using Duck Creek Distribution Management to streamline their producer management processes.
The Future of Configuration Tools
Duck Creek is modernizing it’s configuration tools. Learn more about the direction of the configuration tools and provide feedback on the design.
4:00 pm–4:30 pm
DXC – How to Balance Risk and Innovation with Digital Automation
Carriers need to expand focus from just core system modernization to include process transformation to yield the maximum benefits – lower costs, higher quality and increased customer satisfaction.
IVANS – The Future of Commercial Lines Submissions
There is palpable energy surrounding commercial lines submissions in the industry. From insurers looking to solve this broken process for agencies to agencies looking to grow their commercial lines book. With InsurTechs looking to tackle this industry pain point and the automation being used in Personal Lines rating, what will the future of commercial lines rating and submissions look like? Join this session and discuss collaborative ways to solve this industry-wide challenge.
ACORD – Drivers of Growth in P&C – a Fireside Chat with ACORD
Duck Creek recently commissioned ACORD to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the growth patterns of the 100 largest US P&C carriers over the years 1998-2018. In this fireside chat with ACORD’s CEO, you will learn how the “Intelligent Growers” compare to the rest of the industry, as well as hear ACORD’s perspective about what role technology—from SaaS to data infrastructure, and other factors—play in achieving intelligent growth and winning in today’s market. You’ll also see a preview of an interactive “value estimator” tool that can give carriers a simplified means of projecting how much underwriting profit they could be achieving should they adopt the characteristics of today’s differentiated carriers.
LexisNexis – The Crossroads of Auto Quoting: Is it Time for a Paradigm Shift?
Consumer expectations for a frictionless personal experience permeate almost every aspect of business today. While connectivity and data accessibility exacerbate these expectations, they will also enable the next evolution in the insurance quoting experience. The industry is imminently approaching a crossroad with vehicle data becoming increasingly as important as the consumer’s information; and the intersection of these two datasets will pave the way to a more accurate quote. LexisNexis Risk Solutions is at the forefront of this journey, with new insights that can deliver a more robust picture at the point of quote – including telematics flags, insight into the vehicle history and build, as well as violation behavior. Join us in this highly informative and thoughtful breakout to learn what it can mean for your quoting experience.
Duck Creek and Azure – the Value of Core and Cloud
The Azure Cloud brings elastic on-demand resources, security and compliance to the P&C insurance industry. Learn how the Cloud brings deep analytics and AI to improve the claims process and underwriting through innovation, and other areas where Microsoft is investing in the insurance industry. We will cover case studies of clients on Azure in addition to new innovation on Azure relevant to carriers.

Thursday, April 16th

9:30 am–10:20 am
Migrating to OnDemand
Are you ready to make the move to SaaS? Find out what’s involved with migrating to Duck Creek OnDemand, including a customer’s journey – including suggested best practices and lessons learned.
9:00 am–9:20 am
Not Ready for the Cloud? Learn how Duck Creek Supports both On-Premises and OnDemand Clients
More and more business is moving to cloud/SaaS supported environments, but not everyone is ready to make the transition to a cloud/SaaS model. Learn how Duck Creek will continue to support traditional on-premises deployments while continuing to make product and service advancements in our SaaS offering.
Fireside Chat – What Keeps Your Chief Information Security Officer Up At Night
Data and privacy concerns are top of mind due to increased exposure. Hear what risks CISOs are most concerned with and how they are mitigating those risks.
Using Our Tools to Build Unique Agent Experiences
Duck Creek’s digital engagement solution for agents is built on a flexible platform with robust configuration tools. Learn how you can use those tools to modify pre-built content and make the solution your own.
Greenfield Stories – How They Built It
With the ability to start fresh and get to market quickly, greenfield initiatives provide carriers with a mechanism for moving like a startup. This session will cover what carriers need to consider when rolling out a greenfield project, and describe how several carriers successfully built these businesses.
Enhancing Industry Content with Page Builder
Our new Page Builder tool provides drag-and-drop configuration capabilities designed to enhance the look, feel, and user experience of Industry Content. Attend this session to learn what options carriers have for taking advantage of Page Builder screens.
9:30 am–9:50 am
Are Headless Implementations a Thing of the Past?
Page Builder and Design System give carriers the tools they need to build modern, responsive user experiences. Prior to recent updates to these solutions carriers felt the need to build user experiences outside the Duck Creek Platform (headless implementation). However, headless implementations take away the benefit of single point of change. Come hear how opinions are changing based on new capabilities.
10:00 am–10:20 am
Future View of Claims Enabled by Technology
Claims is the operational area in insurance that is at the bullseye of change impact. The shift in the workforce and technology enables the rethinking of the claims process is transformational. Join Karen Furtado, SMA, Alex Williams, ESIS, and Sasha Korol, Duck Creek for a quick hitting discussion about the impacts to claims both today and in the future.