Duck Creek University

ManuScript Technology Fundamentals:
Explore the possibilities of Duck Creek ManuScripts as a technology through a combination of lecture, demo, and hands-on exercises. Topics covered will include data structure definition and interaction, configuring with the Author tool, the different usage patterns employed with ManuScript solutions, and how to execute ManuScript logic. This class is perfect for anyone who needs an introduction to ManuScripts and the Author Configuration tool – or would like a broader understanding of how ManuScripts can be used and engineered.

Anywhere API:
Build your own Quote App using the Duck Creek Anywhere API:  The Duck Creek Anywhere API (DCA) is a RESTful API that sits on top of the Duck Creek Request Layer. The DCA returns Duck Creek Platform Page Sets and Pages metadata that can be used to build a quote application. In this session we will provide an overview of the DCA and the Developer Portal. Participants will build and test a web application to create a quote using the DCA. The development language used for this class will be Angular JS. The training will assume some knowledge of web development.

Insights: Extract Mapper for Manuscript Developers 
Hands-on mapping exercises with an emphasis on basic testing and troubleshooting tools including using server API requests, MSQL management studio, MSDM journaling, and error logging to validate modifications and extensions to released Duck Creek Extract Map manuscripts.

Test Automation Center (TAC):
This course provides an overview of the TAC tool. Participants will learn how to utilize the new modularization functionality to enhance existing test scripts, increasing readability and maintainability. Additional new features will also be demonstrated.

Distribution Management:
The session will provide a visual and interactive experience of Duck Creek’s Distribution Management solution. The presenter will educate users on how producers are managed and maintained in the system efficiently. An in-depth exploration of the various modules of the solution, i.e. onboarding, compliance, compensation, relationship, and self-service, will be provided. The session will also focus on key technical areas related to product architecture and 3rd-party integrations. Attendees will have a chance to ask questions during and after the session. They will gain insight on how to use Duck Creek Distribution Management and its key benefits.