Duck Creek Claims

Duck Creek Claims

Enabling faster, better claims handling that results in happier, more loyal customers

Drive the Future of Claims

Duck Creek Claims is a comprehensive claims management solution that helps insurers manage the entire claims lifecycle – from first notice of loss to settlement – in a single integrated solution. Whether the claim is a routinely cracked windshield that is straight-through processed or a complex workers’ compensation liability claim, our software provides all of the workflows, reports, integrations, and user experiences needed to increase the efficiency of your claims operations, reduce loss costs, and improve customer satisfaction.


Improve Claims Handling and Reduce Claims Cycle Times

Duck Creek Claims provides pre-built, end-to-end claims workflows that enable high-touch to no-touch claim handling. Implement dynamically-guided workflows, rule-driven automation, personalized user interfaces, and data enrichment to automate processes where needed, and empower claims employees to focus on customer service to deliver desired claims outcomes.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Deliver personalized, transparent, and effective communications with policyholders and claimants via their preferred channels. Whether they are looking to engage with you by phone, email, text, mail, web, or mobile app, our APIs enable you to meet them on their terms, maintain empathy, and reassure them during stressful times.

Innovate Faster and Improve Operational Efficiency

With Duck Creek Claims, we provide continuous software updates, so you can always be on the latest technology and ready to pursue any business opportunity. Take advantage of new features as soon as they’re available, leverage our low-code configuration tools, deploy changes rapidly, and focus on innovation.

A Trusted and Reliable SaaS Claims System


Moving to a cloud-based, regularly updated, highly-secure system is the first step in our journey to an operating platform that will ensure we remain meaningful and competitive in our marketplace. We’re already seeing faster performance improvements and look forward to continued progress toward our goals. This is the first step in our plan for successful migration to an integrated, full-suite Duck Creek Platform that will provide us long-term viability in an ever-changing world.

We’re building a system that will help us add even greater value to Liberty Mutual workers’ compensation policyholders, customers of our third-party administrator Helmsman Management Services, distribution partners, injured employees, and our claims professionals... The new system [Duck Creek Claims] will let us continue to produce better outcomes for injured employees quickly and efficiently by replacing two legacy systems with a single state-of-the-art platform.

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