Duck Creek Reinsurance

Centralize, streamline and automate all your reinsurance processes.

Reinsurance Management Made Smart

Duck Creek Reinsurance tracks all information related to your reinsurance contracts (treaties and facultative policies, claims, incidents, accounting data, technical data, auxiliary data, financial data, and more). Manage all your contracts from underwriting to endorsements and renewals in a flexible solution using multiple currencies and GAAP requirements.



Maximize Recoverables and Reduce Claims Leakage

Identify all claims meant to be covered by reinsurance by accurately calculating recoveries, and rapidly creating reinsurance bills. Ensure all reinsurance ceded or assumed achieves its intended goals of helping reinsurers and brokers manage risks and making available the capital needed to support those risks.

Improve Process for Contract Certainty

Digitally transforming reinsurance administration creates opportunities to strategically leverage data in ways that were previously extremely difficult. With the ability to better understand reinsurance transactions and outcomes, finance and risk management teams can leverage data to make critical decisions regarding risk appetite and support reinsurance contract negotiations.

Increase Reinsurance Operational Efficiencies

Labor-intensive tools such as spreadsheets and unsophisticated databases, as well as legacy systems built on older platforms, are ill-equipped to manage today’s increasingly complex reinsurance treaties. Through automation, standardization, and data transparency, our platform helps you create a more efficient and productive reinsurance administration program.

A Trusted and Reliable Reinsurance Management System
Years of experience
Countries processing reinsurance on the platform
Data import templates available
Person days per year invested in product development
Closing time reduction


At New Mexico Mutual, we needed a better way to manage our 20+ year reinsurance contracts and streamline our reinsurance processing. Duck Creek has a comprehensive solution that enhances our data reliability and reporting.

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