Duck Creek Industry Content

Duck Creek Industry Content

Accelerate product development across personal, commercial, and specialty lines of business

About Duck Creek Industry Content

Duck Creek Industry Content consists of pre-built commercial lines bureau content from ISO, AAIS, AIB, NCCI, and independent workers’ compensation bureaus, Line of Business Kits, as well as implementation accelerators and integrations with third-party solution providers that enable carriers to rapidly launch new products and meet evolving customer needs.


Reduce Time to Market

Whether you are launching a minimum viable product or iterating on an existing offering, Industry Content gives you a jumping-off point for creating compelling insurance products and ensures that you can swiftly capture market opportunities.

Stay Current and Improve Pricing Decisions

By processing an average of 1000+ bureau circulars annually and maintaining carrier’s prior deviations, we enable insurers to focus on what truly matters – differentiation. Inject your own secret sauce into bureau products, leverage the latest actuarial data to minimize adverse risk selection, and refocus resources to support non-bureau-related product development.

Drive Product Innovation

Being competitive means more than just producing the lowest quote. Rating accuracy and underwriting efficiency is driven by services and automated processes enhancing data capture and augmenting underwriting decisions. Incorporate integrations to the insurance vendor ecosystem into the overall product design to gain a competitive advantage.

A Proven Solution for all Lines of Business
Bureau circulars processed annually
Forms available as part of support
Bureau circular updates available on the first business day of every month
Days to go-live with commercial lines templates
Number of content kits spanning integrations to third party services and solutions, line of business kits, and other utilities


Our Content Exchange features Industry Content for all lines of business across P&C Insurance.


OnDemand enables us to keep up with the pace of technology changes and enhances our ability to launch new products. It helps us focus on the core needs of our business rather than get bogged down with operational tasks like platform/infrastructure upgrades and template updates.

What’s Happening In Our World

Duck Creek is committed to providing the information you need to solve your insurtech needs. Find answers to common questions below or, if this information isn't enough, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Our team will respond with the answers you need.

Can I purchase Duck Creek products as a stand-alone, best-of-breed product, or only as part of a suite of products?

Duck Creek offers you the flexibility to purchase our products either in a stand-alone implementation, as part of an ala carte suite of products, or as a comprehensive suite. Our products are designed to work together or independently, providing you with the choice and flexibility you need.

What are the benefits of buying Duck Creek products as a suite?

Integration: The products are designed to work together seamlessly, providing a more streamlined and efficient experience.
Cost savings: Purchasing products as a suite may offer cost savings compared to purchasing them individually.
Consistency: Using a suite of products from the same company ensures a consistent user experience and reduces the learning curve for new users.

Are Duck Creek products available on the cloud?

Yes - Duck Creek’s products are deployed on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Our evergreen SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is designed to lower the total cost of ownership for your solution without the need for large IT (Information Technology) teams and expensive upgrades. And with Active Delivery TM, available for Claims and Policy today and rolling out to all Duck Creek products, when a new version of a Duck Creek product comes out, “feature flags” allow you to accept the update on your terms, and start using the new version when you choose without deploying an IT team to manually update the system.