Duck Creek Product Update Announcement Q2 2023

Here’s the quick view of updates that we have implemented for Q2 2023.


  • New Duck Creek AMI for Verisk ClaimSearchTM
  • Active Delivery updates and features


  • New module enables interaction with Lloyd’s Outwards Reinsurance System
  • New APRA (Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) interface is available to store APRA status

Industry Content & Bureau Templates

  • Industry Content & Bureau Templates – Countrywide circulars for Commercial Auto and General Liability
  • Property Business Income Rating – added average base rate weighted by floor area


  • Easily configure and propagate changes to personal auto & Homeowners products for end-users
  • Automate agent endorsement for Homeowners transactions


  • Enhancements for Claims-Curated data leveraging SnowflakeTM
  • Greater customer data access from Policy, Billing, & Claims (Controlled Availability)

OnDemand Control Hub & OnDemand Workstations

  • ODCH functional enhancements to drive increased performance
  • Policy Active Delivery for Workstations enables continuous updates

Platform & Party

  • Configuration enablement minimizes duplicate records by uniquely identifying repeat customers entries
  • Manuscript engine optimization for large schedule processing


  • New Small Medium Employer (SME) Commercial Motor line of business kit available for Australia
  • Up-to-date Spanish Policy Base product is available, ensuring compliance with local standards

Distribution Management

  • New user experience for Distribution Management personas
  • Streamlined process for third party integration with APIs for Agency Inquiry


  • Policy Active Delivery launches (in Controlled Availability), ending Policy upgrades and eliminating technical debt

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