Duck Creek Insights lets carriers gather internal and external data from as many sources as needed, and analyze and report on it easily, quickly and on a single system – turning data into actionable business intelligence. Our robust reporting and analytics solution is designed to manage a full range of internal, external, and third-party data. Insights deliver the quality data, analytics, and reporting your P&C organization needs to succeed.

Insurance carriers collect all kinds of data from across their enterprises. Effectively managing it can be daunting, especially if you want to turn it into actionable business intelligence. Competing in insurance today requires transforming data into information assets that deliver actionable insights at the speed of business.

Actionable insights are most competitive when they are built upon the full range of internal and external data delivered to your business when and where decisions are being made. Duck Creek Insights is a core system for insurance data, designed to manage the full range of internal, external, and third-party data. Insights delivers the quality data, analytics, and operational, management, and financial reporting insurance companies need to differentiate, compete, and win.

Duck Creek Insights functionality:

Data Hub centralizes data across Duck Creek solutions as well as other internal, external, and third- party data to provide a comprehensive view for your organization. It is comprised of comprehensive insurance data repositories surrounded by a suite of data management and data quality capabilities. Delivering at the speed of business requires iterative and scaled growth. Insights promotes collaboration between business and IT resources to manage the definition, quality, and reliability of data. Insights’ capabilities in this area are essential to healthy data programs – facilitating stewardship, data governance, and increased speed at which value can be delivered to your business.

First and foremost, proper analytics is dependent upon the quality and quantity of data available. With our Data Hub as its foundation, Duck Creek Insights provides you with the data necessary to produce operational and management reporting, scorecards, dashboards, and advanced tools such as predictive and other analytics.

Duck Creek’s Financial Reporting tool gathers insurance-based financial transaction and sub- transaction data from Duck Creek and other core systems, and offers readily-available financial and regulatory reporting formats, as well as the ability to prepare customized data extracts. It includes full statistical coding for policy and loss to drive down implementation costs. Plus, Duck Creek’s out-of- the-box reports and views provide the foundation for financial 360 and regulatory reporting, as well as performing both standard and advanced financial business analytics.

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