Integration Kits

Each of Agencyport’s growing number of Integration Kits includes sets of pre-built software components and documentation that simplify and de-risk integration of AgencyPortal with other major industry solutions. Pre-built mappings and connectors minimize the need for custom integration, giving carriers a significant jump on implementation, and significantly accelerating time to market.

  • AgencyConnect®

    Whether interfacing with agency management systems or comparative raters, AgencyConnect®, our agency system Integration Kit, is a carrier’s gateway to all agency transactions—one that transforms and normalizes data coming in and gives carriers a consistent ACORD XML output.

  • Duck Creek

    Agencyport’s Duck Creek Integration Kit pre-integrates AgencyPortal and Duck Creek Policy, a leading core system. Pre-integration gets carriers up and running quickly, and reduces both dual maintenance and the risk associated with first-time integration.

  • Valen® Analytics

    With our Valen InsureRight® predictive analytics Integration Kit, underwriters can access important predictive analytic insight into potential risks associated with workers’ compensation policies directly from within AgencyPortal®—improving the quality of underwriting and streamlining the process.

  • LexisNexis® - Commercial Auto Prefill

    Pre-integration with LexisNexis® Commercial Auto Prefill capabilities saves agents enormous rekeying time, allowing them to quote faster and more easily.

  • LexisNexis® - C.L.U.E. Commercial

    Our C.L.U.E. Integration Kit pre-integrates AgencyPortal® and LexisNexis® C.L.U.E. claims reporting service for commercial lines, offering both agents and underwriters claim history information across all standard commercial lines of business.

  • Guidewire®

    Agencyport’s Guidewire Integration Kit pre-integrates AgencyPortal® and PolicyCenter, coupling an industry best-of-breed core system with the nation’s leading front-end web-portal. Pre-integration reduces hassles associated with dual maintenance as well as the risk that comes with first-time integration.