Test Automation Center

Want an easy solution to test your P&C insurance systems? Get connected with our exclusive testing tool.

Automate testing, quickly and accurately

Designed to expedite progress from system development to production, the Duck Creek Test Automation Center (TAC) enables you to automate your P&C insurance platform testing with confidence. The tool provides an easy way for testing professionals to create, edit and automatically execute test scripts for Duck Creek web-based applications, driving down the overall cost of testing and driving up the quality of the resulting system.

Just Click. TAC. Go.

With the click of a few keys, TAC makes it easy for quality assurance teams to test system changes. Testers can now focus on the functionality of the system, and not on the nuances of the testing tool.

In addition to being easy to use, TAC can also be extended to accommodate new testing functionality and eliminate the need to maintain complicated test script code.

With TAC, manual testing becomes a thing of the past. Imagine the impact full, automated, regression testing can have on the quality of your products with each future release.

Proven results

With rapid, accurate testing, insurers can deploy product changes quickly, positively impacting customer service and your bottom line. Using TAC, customers have reported a 50% reduction in the regression testing cycle and reduced the investment in test script creation by more than 90% due to the ease of setup.

Capturing test objects

TAC understands the Duck Creek software and automatically detects web page objects like fields and pushbuttons from the browser with a single mouse click.


Creating a test script

Users can create test scripts by simply dragging and dropping captured web page objects to the test script.


Executing a test script

At any time, a user may decide to execute the test script by clicking on “Run.”

Reviewing test script results

Results are displayed to the user in real-time, as the test script is running.

Clicking on any item in the Test Script Report will automatically select the corresponding test step, allowing users to quickly pinpoint the source of defects.