Customer Management

The first step in customer service excellence? Knowing your customer

In today’s hyper-competitive P&C market, consumers have more options than ever before, so an insurer’s ability to respond quickly and deploy the right resources at the right time for the right customers is more than a competitive advantage. It’s a competitive necessity. Immediate access to pertinent customer data can be difficult, however, as it’s frequently strewn across departmental silos, frustrating interactions and delaying resolutions.

Duck Creek Customer Management collects and delivers customer information from across the complement of Duck Creek software products and your third-party applications to create comprehensive as well as context-specific views of customers and your relationships with them — based on the most current and complete information available — for operational efficiencies and an optimized customer experience.

Big picture customer perspectives from across the enterprise

Duck Creek Party renders a consolidated view of customer details sourced from Duck Creek applications, policy, billing, claims, and rating, or any integrated third-party systems. It creates a central point of access for all customer information, regardless of its origin. The ability to examine customer information in this fashion can help insurers in a variety of ways, such as identifying suspicious claims activity, or capitalizing on cross- and up- selling opportunities. It also identifies and flags duplicate names and information and reduces the complexity and effort associated with connecting and cleansing customer data, saving time, money and effort.

Actionable, context-specific presentation of customer details

Duck Creek Customer 360 is a configurable component that offers summaries of the relationship between carrier and customer, eliminating the need to navigate between applications. It aggregates and displays information from across the complement of Duck Creek solutions, including policies/quotes, billing and claims accounts. They also can be extended to include information from third-party systems. Users then can look at summary information and drill into details with the ability to navigate directly to the system of record.

The ability to store customer information and provide a comprehensive view of all parties and their relationship to one another within your business can drive higher customer satisfaction, increase user efficiency, increase marketing and sales effectiveness and offer previously unavailable insights into your business.