Mobile Quote

Want a sure way to improve your quote to bind success? Go mobile.

Serving the customer through their preferred channel is paramount. When face-to-face engagement is requested during the quoting process, customers are usually asked to come into an office or wait for the documentation to be prepared and delivered at a later date. This can lead to errors and delays, especially if multiple quotes are in progress or changes are needed. To be more effective, you need to be able to deliver the quote at the point of sale to close the business quickly.

Duck Creek’s quoting app extends the abilities of your sales department to field sales, adjusters and agents to better serve the customer by enabling them to:

  • Gather customer information and produce accurate quotes from remote locations
  • Access customer and rating information to make changes to the policy at the point of contact
  • Bring the quote to the customer and bind on site

Our Duck Creek Mobile Quote app is easy to use and can be rendered on several platforms and operating systems for all lines of business. It also can be deployed as a mobile browser application or natively on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices, which means you won’t have to purchase any specific device for access.

For a solution that can combine face-to-face customer engagement with remote access to quote-to-bind capabilities, it’s time to hit the road with Duck Creek Mobile Quote.