First Notice of Loss

Delivering a positive customer claim experience begins at first contact

There is no better time to offer exceptional customer service than when a claim is filed. It’s a critical time for customers, who need to get back to normalcy as quickly as possible. To do so, requires having the right software that can assist your claims team with obtaining pertinent information quickly and accurately so that the claim process can begin.

With Duck Creek’s First Notice of Loss you’ll be operating on software that employs dynamic dialogue — a series of questions that prompt handlers for required information — to capture the loss data typically required for accurate loss reporting to be sure the right people are assigned to the claim at the first report. The questions are easily configurable providing the ability to customize customer engagement based on product, line of business, or any other chosen characteristic or business rules.

Your output is only as good as the data input

By making it easier to control the first contact requirements, you can efficiently move your customer through the first contact. The data captured here initiates automated intelligent processing that assigns claims staff, confirms coverage, sets up tasks, and generates correspondence. With streamlined operations, you’ll reduce cycle time, which can positively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve retention and business results.