Insurance expertise and software knowledge from product inception to solution implementation

Duck Creek Technology’s success can be attributed to our ability to support any line of business, any product, and any insurance process. Our desire to preserve customers’ technology investments across platform upgrades and technology changes is a core value that dates back to the inception of ManuScripts, our very first product, in 2000. But our insurance industry knowledge — as well as our research, development, and implementation expertise — stretches back to 1980.

We call it being “future ready.” Our customers call it respect. Technology analysts serving the P&C market call Duck Creek’s Author and Product Studio tools, the foundation of our core systems platform, the best in the industry.

Founding of the Company

1981 - 1986

Our founders first meet as employees of Micro-Magic (1981), Doug Roller’s first start-up company – which soon merges with Agency Management Systems (1986). The primary software product was a comparative rating solution sold predominantly to insurance agencies.


Company emerges as Duck Creek Technologies – named after the stream running through two of the co-founders John Roller and Doug Roller’s grandfather’s farm.
Development of the Solution

2000 - 2001

ManuScript, a portable technology-agnostic strategy leveraging XML, hits the market. A portmanteau for a scripted insurance manual, the solution stores the business logic, rates and rules for the insurance products in the meta-data, not the code. Initial release includes Author and Server to support rating, underwriting, and basic headless UI.

2002 - 2004

Core logic engine of the solution is extended to add Express (2002), Forms (2003), TransACT and Templates (2004)  to support full policy administration. Duck Creek thrives as P&C insurers invest in core systems transformation projects to deliver streamlined digital customer experiences and embrace enterprise level data-driven decision making.

2005 - 2011

Major steps made with a move to .NET 2.0 (2005), introduction of Billing (2009) and the release of Product Studio (2010)
Suite Integration


Duck Creek acquired by Accenture, and the solution set grows into a suite that incorporates Accenture’s Claim Components solution. The new organization begins promoting one of the most comprehensive software suites in the marketplace and expands its customer base to more than 80 clients in North America and the UK, processing all commercial, personal and specialty lines of business.


Duck Creek forms a joint venture with Apax Partners, a global private equity firm and Accenture. Later in the year, Duck Creek expands its footprint in the insuretech space with the acquisition of Agencyport Software, which offers intuitive, digital experiences between P&C carriers and their agents, brokers, consumers and policyholders—anytime, anywhere and from any device.


Duck Creek acquires Yodil, a pioneer in insurance data management solutions. The agreement further cements Duck Creek’s full suite market positioning with an expanded offering that lets carriers manage data with transparency and traceability, regardless of the source.

Future Vision

The company’s focus remains on helping insurers get and stay future ready, and utilizing cloud technology in its solutions will be instrumental in Duck Creek’s continued success in the marketplace.

And the journey continues …