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Don’t forget the data – why digital transformation alone won’t help you improve your CX.

December 10, 2021

Victoria Mills, Principal Product Manager, Duck Creek Technologies, was joined by an expert panel to explore the challenges and opportunities around aligning customer expectations with digital and data transformation.

This recent high-level panel for Insurance Post explored the data required to power new digital experiences for customers, and issues around how insurance businesses are looking to refine their user journeys based on the new data they are gathering.

Moderated by Insurance Post Content Director Jonathan Swift, Victoria Mills was joined on the panel by Ben Fletcher, Chief Customer Officer at the Motor Insurers Bureau and Steve Dukes, Chief Operating Officer at

It was a stellar lineup and the ensuing conversation raised some highly relevant points about customer journeys, ownership, and transparency issues around customer data, and taking an enterprise-wide approach to customer experiences.

The panel began by exploring the benefits of a holistic approach that delivers predictive outcomes.

Victoria Mills said: “Making sure that the data team and the business are working closely together is key – bringing together technical and non-technical experts from across the business to get them closer to their data. I love the idea of having someone from the insurer’s data team who is a real expert, and someone who is not from the data team – underwriting, claims, or pricing, for instance – getting closer to the data together.

It’s about giving the whole team the right tools and culture to use their data more effectively. It’s a cultural shift towards the use of data being totally embedded rather than peripheral, breaking down those silos and making it everyone’s job to be more proficient.”

Steve Dukes added that there is more data available than ever before, but organising and collecting this in a way that is helpful and consistent remains challenging for many.

“There are a number of businesses now pulling data in that would otherwise be quite difficult for customers to find. We are at the start of that journey and there’s more data out there to pull in to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the customer journey.”

Ben Fletcher added: “Given how quickly technology is moving and how much data is readily available, and how society’s view of how data should be used is maturing as well, it is interesting timing – the question is not just how do you digitise the existing process, it’s about redesigning the journey and making it better for people. The more that we can do to improve our industry – allowing customers to have more visibility of their data, we have increasingly high expectations of this as customers in every aspect of our lives.”

The panel concluded that improving data quality is key to improving customer experience, and highlighted areas that can be prioritised to make sure that any digital investment is not wasted.

Watch the full session here. 

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