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5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Manage a Team, With Mike Jackowski, CEO of Duck Creek

“I got the best advice a number of years ago from someone I met who worked at Southwest Airlines. The minute I heard it, I began to put the thinking into practice… the premise is: company leaders work for their employees. It is a CEO’s or founder’s job to make employees’ jobs easier — to remove roadblocks to progress or success… to help them navigate across the organization…. to free them up to contribute to their maximum ability. It’s a fairly simple concept, but a powerful one, and one that I try to live into as much as I can.”

~Michael Jackowski

Duck Creek CEO Michael Jackowski was recently profiled in Thrive Global as part of a series dedicated to sharing insights and life lessons from top business executives and public figures. From leadership advice to the guiding principles he uses to embody Duck Creek’s core values, the interview is informative, entertaining, and a great window into the mentality Jackowski brings to the table as the leader of Duck Creek’s outstanding team.

Read the full interview at Thrive Global here >

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