Duck Creek AgencyConnect, part of our Digital Engagement product family, is a single entry point to any agency interface transaction, including upload, bridging, and real-time rating. Millions of transactions and over 45 agent interface implementations can’t help but teach you a few things. Duck Creek Technologies is the leader in the world of interface – integrating more carriers with more agency systems than anyone else. From inquiry to endorsement to bridging to real- time rating, we’ve done it all.

AgencyConnect advantages:
  • Seamless plug-in to leading export services including TransactNOW, Transformation Station, PL Rater, and others
  • Mappings and transformations from various data formats to a single, accurate, and consistent input/output ACORD XML data stream
  • Advanced data handling capabilities including normalization, validation, and real-time corrections
  • A robust toolset to handle all integration, mapping, and orchestration configuration
  • Data routing based on content and definition
  • Streamlined, east-to-use interface to handle gap analysis when downstream systems can’t

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