The Duck Creek Experience

Designed to Delight Customers and Carriers

The New Customer Experience

Conditioned by their experiences with banks, airlines, retailers, and other businesses, people are demanding more convenience and availability from their carriers.

This includes expectations for faster and more transparent sales and claims experiences, the ability to access and update account information, pay bills, conduct self-service, and more. Plus they want to be recognized, understood, and valued as individuals, whether they’re gathering information, communicating face-to-face, with a call-center agent, online or via smartphone, and throughout their entire customer journey.

So what’s holding carriers back? Reliance on legacy systems and — perhaps more important — legacy thinking.

Duck Creek Means Digital Transformation

Duck Creek is helping carriers break free of legacy thinking and achieve digital transformation in months—not years—to deliver the seamless, friction-free customer experience that people want, whenever they want, and using their preferred methods of communication.

We get it. Insurance is complex. But with Duck Creek setting the standard for insurance’s digital transformation, carriers now have the opportunity to leave the baggage of legacy systems behind and offer unencumbered digitally-enabled experiences to internal and external customers, as well as agents.

Digitally-enabled customer experiences are the new normal, and they’re required to achieve competitive differentiation in an increasingly commoditized market, where people have more options and very little patience for companies that fail to deliver on their heightened expectations for fast and informed communications.

The Duck Creek Experience

For insurance carriers, the Duck Creek experience extends from the early stages of the sales process through maintenance and beyond to deliver the support and solutions your business needs to be competitive now and into the future.

To support your technology journey, we promise to deliver the solutions that help you:

  • Anticipate and respond to market demand with new or customized products
  • Implement data-driven decision making across your enterprise
  • Operationalize digital innovations that reduce costs and accelerate cycle times
  • Offer a superior experience to agents, employees and customers

Carriers working with Duck Creek benefit from our collective experience solving the insurance industry’s most complex problems. We are committed to being to be transparent, upfront, honest, easy to do business with, and delivering on our promises.

Regardless of size, all of us at Duck Creek are invested in your success. We’re here to support your efforts to meet carriers’ heightened expectations for personalized communications and productive engagements. Together, we’ll build a lasting relationship that accelerates results and confers a competitive advantage.

Our people, products and proven value—that’s the Duck Creek Difference.